What Length Should You Choose For A Full Length Mirror?

A full length mirror should be just long enough for the user, it should not be too long or too short for the intended user.

It is also known as a floor mirror when it is on a self-supporting stand, and is intended to reflect your entire length of your body and not just a portion of it. The correct length of it depends on your height and as well as how close you want to stand in front of it.

The Width  And Length  Of A Full Length Mirror

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To show a reflection of your entire body, it must be not shorter than one half of your height. As a guide, if you are 70 inches tall, then it must be at least 35 inches long or you will not see the entire length of  yourself in the reflection. As full length mirrors come in standard sizes, you should be looking for one that is at least half the length of the tallest person who you think will be using it. The standard full length sizes are 36,40 and 48 inches. The longer it is, the closer you are able to stand to it and still see your entire reflection. This is an important consideration to keep in mind if you are placing the mirror in a limited space.

Which Wall Mirror Should I Choose?

The shape, size,color and style of a wall mirror will project the image you want to make in your room.

A wall mirror can be a turning point when you are decorating as it reflects light, it helps to brighten and widen even the smallest and darkest of rooms and make them more comfortable and inviting. A wall mirror cal also be decorative to look at in your room. It can be an ideal focal point in your living space. The key is choosing the mirror with the right length for your room and the look or idea you want to create.

  1. Consider The Size

The very first decision when you are choosing a wall mirror is how large you want it to be. The size of the mirror should be influenced by two important factors – the size of the wall that you are going to place it and bow big an impact you want it to make to your room in question. If you are hanging it in a big room with a big wall like the living room, dining room or the bedroom and you want it to be the focal point or make a bold statement, then you should opt for an extra large mirror, measuring not less than 25 and 31 inches on each side. But if you are using it as an accent on a small wall near your narrow corridor, you may use one that may be as small as 10 inches on each side. You can measure you wall and determine how much space you have and how much of it you want it to fill.

2.Consider The Shape

The most common shapes are square and rectangular but you may also consider other variety of shapes for your full length mirror. The the traditional look you may cho0se a square or rectangular mirror, but choosing one with an unusual shape can bring extra attention to a dull wall even if it is just a simple mirror without decorative frame. If you want a simple but striking look, choose a circular or oval mirror. and a funky triangle and diamond shaped can add a quirky touch to a room. But if you really want to make a huge statement them go for a bold starburst-shaped one that will sure draw attention.

3.Consider The Style

Some full length mirror do not have frames – it’s their shape or size that gives them a very unique presence in your room. When you are out shopping for a mirror, you may also opt for a style with a frame that will accentuate a decorative punch on its own. Choosing a simple wooden, metal or plastic frame for a streamlined, sleek look. If you are looking for a formal or dramatic look, look out for one with a glided or ornate frame to serve as a strong focal point in your room. You may also find wall mirrors with funky mosaic-style frames that prove to be fun and eye-catching.

4.Consider The Color

You may also want a full length mirror that is decorative and match with the rest of the room’s decor. A basic white, black or wooden tone frame can match with virtually any decorating scheme. Gilded metals like silver or gold will add a luxury look that looks formal or modern in style. When choosing a colored frame, keep in mind the color of your wall and make sure the frame’s color plays against the shade of your wall. Thus creating a contrast that draws attention to directly to it. You may choose a frame that is in contrast be it lighter or darker than your wall.

How To Mount A Full Length Mirror On A Closet Door

Mounting a mirror on or behind the closet door saves a lot of space. You must consider the weight when you want to mount it to the closet door. Do not use adhesive picture -hanging strips if it is heavy as it will not be secure. You may use adhesive strips if it does not have a heavy frame. Thus it is safer to mount heavier ones by screwing mirror brackets as it gives more support and secure to the door.

full length mirror closet door

Hanging Lightweight Full Length Mirrors

A mirror bought form a discount store, may often have reflective surface that is very thin and very fragile, with light wood or plastic frames. It may also come with four adhesive picture hanging strips placed at each corner. This adhesive strips can support the light weight mirror. If you want it to be more secure you can easily add more strips to it. Make sure to align it before you add any pressure to secure it. You can easily pull it off again to align it if it is crooked. It is better to stick the strips to the mirror first and not the door as it is easier to pull it off if you need to.

Hanging Heavier Full Length Mirrors

Using three pair of mirror hanging brackets instead of adhesive strips will provide you with a secure mount. A pair at the bottom, a pair at the top and one on each side. Draw a level line that shows the bottom of the mirror, using a pencil, then screw two brackets evenly on the line. The bottom brackets will support it while you secure the rest of the brackets to your mirror. Have someone to hold it while you work on the other brackets.

 Add a Full Length Mirror To An Interior Door

Attaching a mirror to most interior may be difficult as most interior doors are hollow. The doors panels are made of thin veneer which may not be able to hold the brackets as they can splinter or crack making the installation insecure. Special hollow core fasteners are needed to anchor the mirrors firmly to the door without damage. These anchors have wings which open inside the veneer and hollow portion to create a strong anchor for the brackets. The anchors can hold between 10 and 50 pounds of weight depending on the type chosen.

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