How To Decorate With A Large Vintage Mirror

It is a well known trick that mirror makes a room larger cannot be denied. A large vintage mirror is considered a go-to idea for the makeup room or bedroom. Please don’t hesitate to hang a bold-colored one  for the best impact to any room.

A large vintage mirror with unusual shapes will add interest to any dull room. Displaying their ornate frames, dark edges and some distressed patches, it can change the mood in a room instantly. In a house decorated in Victorian or vintage style, these mirrors will fill the spaces with luxury and glamor making the room spacious and livable. You should definitely have one in your bedroom or bathroom. The living room, kitchens and hallways can have them as well to add to the dimension of space. Use of vintage mirror in any space that needs a little extra light and a touch of flair will be to your benefit.large vintage mirror

1. Hang a large vintage mirror with an elegant design or decorated frame in a rectangular and boring room. You can install some lights on each side of it to make it into a focal point of the room. The vintage mirror adds visual interest to a space which lacks character and life.

2. Try hanging a tall vintage mirror in a small room and you will feel the space gets larger. The mirror is best if it is at least three-quarter as high as the wall. By placing a antique furniture in front of it  so the reflection adds interest and character to the style of the room.

3. Placing a small vintage mirror on top of shelves or vanities in the bathroom is also a very good idea. You may want to arrange vases filled with your favorite flowers between them, so the mirrors can reflect the edges of the beautiful flower display. This in fact creates an informal and chic design.

4. A medium-sized vintage mirror is suitable for a young lady. By draping pink or sparkling scarves across the top will evoke the golden age of Hollywood. This effect can also be duplicated in an adult’s room by using red or black scarves.

5. By hanging a set of small, mismatched vintage mirrors on a wall leading tho the hallway or in a cluster  will make the hall wider without adding a sense of disorganised. Using vintage mirrors in a space that is bare will carry your style of decoration throughout the house.

6. By positioning a large vintage mirror across room a window will brighten a gloomy room. To cut down on glare, offset the mirror slightly away from facing the window. This is to make sure that the light doesn’t hit it directly. Another method is to place the mirror near a corner to reflect light into the far side of the room. Lastly vintage mirrors that have become foggy can be placed straight across the window because it doesn’t create any glare.

7. Hanging large vintage mirrors above the fireplace or pianos will project their natural periodic look. You may also hang vintage mirror above modern-looking item to create a minimalist feel to the room.

8. By installing a vintage mirror at oblique angles to reflect your favorite antique items. The antique mirrors will catch the colors and lines of your decor and do not reflect the items directly. This will calm your style and spread it across your room without clustering it.

How To Restore A Large Vintage Mirror

Ornate decorated, vintage mirror are worth your while and expense to restore.

Large vintage mirrors have a old charm look and can add old world charm with their vintage and decorated frames. If you should find a large vintage old mirror tucked a long time ago in the forgotten corner of the attic or a classic large vintage mirror that grabs your attention in an antique store you may find it rewarding to restore it to its pass glamour. It may be a tedious and delicate process. But the result can be very unpredictable and rewarding. First do a through and gentle cleaning once you get it home. By doing so you can access what needed to be done. Most probably the mirror needs resilvering which you can d0-it-yourself. In the event that you may find it too troublesome then you may order a new mirror to replace it. If you are doing the resilvering yourself please dispose of the old silver and other chemicals properly.

1. First remove the mirror carefully from the frame by prying the glass away gently with a screwdriver or similar flat-blade tool. Then clean the glass gently using a mild, nonabrasive detergent and some warm clean water. After that dry it with a lint-free cloth.

2. Remove the backing paint  with the paint stripper. Do not be afraid to apply a generous layer of striper. To have a better effect leave the stripper on overnight or preferably for a period of eight to twelve hours. Then gently peel all the backing paint away. Clean the mirror again using clean water and lint-free cloth

3. After that apply chemical silver remover following the manufacturer’s instructions. Please wear rubber gloves, dusk musk and protective glasses. Contact your local waste removal company for the best method to dispose of all the hazardous old silver, which may contain mercury. Lightly scrape away any excess debris. Clean the glass carefully to remove any chemical traces and dry with a soft cloth. Do not handle the glass with bare hands to prevent contamination of oils and dirt.

4. Then place some wooden blocks in a shallow pan at an angle. After that place the mirror on the wooden blocks, so that the glass stay at an angle. Use masking tape if necessary to hold the glass in its place. Cut some waxed paper slightly larger than the silver leaf. Two pieces of waxed paper for each sheet of silver leaf needed.

5. After that prepare the adhesive to glue the silver leaf to the class. Use a medium size bowl, add a quarter cup of warm distilled water. Cut open one gelatin capsule in half and add it to the distilled water. Allow it to soften for a few minutes before stirring gently until the gelatin completely dissolves. Add another three-quarter cup of hot but not boiling distilled water to the mixture. Thin the mixture with half teaspoon of alcohol.

6. Brush the sizing on to the glass in 3 1/2 inch stripos when covering a large sheet. Cover the whole area at once if the glass is small in size. Allow any extra sizing to flow back into the pan.sizing large vintage mirror

7. Now you can place the sheet of waxed paper prepared earlier very carefully over a piece of silver leaf. Now rub gently all over until the whole sheet of silver leaf attaches to the waxed paper. Lit the waxed paper gently by the edges, and making sure not to touch the silver leaf. Now position the leaf over the wet glass and gently lower it onto the glass surface.

8. You will now hold the waxed paper with one hand and gently rub your finger over the waxed paper until the silver leaf attaches itself to the glass. Start from the middle and work your way to the edges while squeezing out any extra sizing and wrinkles as you go. Careful not to tear the leaf. Lift the waxed paper and throw it away. Repeat this process by overlapping each piece by 1/8 of an inch until the whole surface of the glass is covered. Apply more sizing when necessary. If you see any hole or tears just cover it with a small piece of leaf.

9. Let the sizing to cure and dry for 6 to 8 hours. Make sure t0 place the glass on a level surface. Start gently from the middle and rub the silver towards the edges gently with a piece of soft felt cloth. As you go along remove any wrinkles towards the edges. Now apply a second layer of silver leaf just as you have done before.

10. When everything is cured and after checking there is no cracks or holes you can now apply a protective backing of black acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly for 8 to 12 hours. You are now ready to install the large vintage mirror back into the frame. accessoriesHow To Decorate With A Large Vintage Mirror,How To Restore A Large Vintage Mirror,Large Vintage Mirror To Brighten Your LifeHow To Decorate With A Large Vintage Mirror It is a well known trick that mirror makes a room larger cannot be denied. A large vintage mirror is considered a go-to idea for the makeup room or bedroom. Please don't hesitate to hang a bold-colored one  for the best impact...It's all about different type of mirror that you do not know!