What Is A Blind Spot Mirror?

Do you know what is a blind spot mirror? When you’re behind the wheel, you have to pay attention to what other drivers are doing. However, that’s not limited to those in front of you. You also have to pay attention to drivers behind you, and often to either side as well. That’s why automakers include three mirrors on vehicles – two side view mirrors and a rear view mirror. However, all cars suffer from blind spots. This is where blind spot mirror come into play?

What Is A Blind Spot Mirror?

Understanding A Blind Spot Mirror

Understanding a blind spot mirror is very important for every driver. A blind spot mirror is pretty much what the name implies – a mirror you to help you see easily from the driver’s seat. A vehicle can “hide” in your blind spot, making it impossible to see what the other driver is doing (changing lanes, for instance). There are two blind spots in the average vehicle, one on either side of the car, extending from roughly the rear of the vehicle back in a triangle. However, understand that different vehicles have varying blind spots – and a blind spot mirror will eliminate.

How To Avoid Blind Spots?

Do you know how to avoid blind spots? The most effective way is to use a blind spot mirror. These are small, convex mirrors that attach to either your driver’s side view mirror or its housing. The mirror is curved outward, which offers significantly better visibility and can help enhance your safety. The mounting location for a blind spot mirror is generally at the upper outer corner of your side view mirror, but this varies from one car to another. You’ll need to experiment with different locations to find the one best suited for you.

Why Use A Blind Spot Mirror?

Why use a blind spot mirror? Blind spot mirrors are actually very simple. They’re generally curved mirrors that attach to your vehicle’s stock side view mirrors. The curved surface allows the mirror to reflect objects from a wider range of angles than is possible with conventional side view mirrors.
To use a blind spot mirror correctly, it should be installed so that it provides a view of the blind spots to your right and left when sitting in the driver’s seat. Make sure your side view mirror itself is positioned correctly (you shouldn’t be able to see the side of your car), and then adjust the blind spot mirror so that you can see what the other mirror misses.
For most vehicles, the optimal location for installation is the upper corner on the outside of the mirror. However, this doesn’t apply to all vehicles, so you might have to experiment with placement in order to get optimal coverage of your specific blind spots. Note that many vehicles do not benefit from a blind spot mirror on the passenger side view mirror. The size of the mirror limits visibility of the reflection for the driver, and passenger side view mirrors are naturally convex to cover the blind spot.

How To Buy A Good Quality Blind Spot Mirror?

How to buy a good quality blind spot mirror? All cars have blind spots – those areas beside and behind your car where you just can’t see. Even your car’s side view mirrors do little to help here. This can make driving on multi-lane roads more than a little problematic, particularly if you’re changing lanes to pass someone, or coming up on your exit. Thankfully, a blind spot mirror can help.
When considering blind spot mirrors, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. For instance, how easy is it to affix to your side view mirror? Is it large enough for your needs? How durable is the mirror? Here is some useful information regarding blind spot mirrors:

  • Adjust Your Mirrors: Before you install a blind spot mirror, make sure that you have your side view mirrors correctly adjusted. Most drivers position the mirror so that they can see part of their own car – this is wrong. You should see very little, if any, of your own car in the side view. It should be positioned so that you can see beside and behind the car.
  • Size and Shape: You’ll find several different sizes and shapes for blind spot mirrors. Round is the most common, but there are also ovals, rectangles and other shapes. Choose one that fits the shape and size of your side view mirror.
  • Mounting Method: Most blind spot mirrors use double-sided tape to affix to the outside edge of your side view mirror’s glass. However, you’ll find some that use suction cups and others are designed to bolt to the housing. Generally, tape or another adhesive is the better option.
  • Material: Many blind spot mirrors are made from plastic. These are lightweight and affordable. However, there are others made with aluminum for the housing and glass for the mirror itself. These tend to offer a longer lifespan, and provide better visibility (plastic can degrade over time and through exposure to UV rays).
    While not legally required, a blind spot mirror is an extra safety precaution that will help keep you and your passengers safe.

Where To Attach A Blind Spot Mirror For A Proper Position?

Where to attach a blind spot mirror for a proper position? To achieve the best effect of your new blind spot mirror, here are some tips.

First, it’s important to differentiate between which ones you need. With some, you can peel off a sticker and affix it to either the top corner or lower bottom corner of your side mirror as either are the perfect blind spot mirror placement.Understanding A Blind Spot Mirror

Before attaching, you’ll want to find the best area to stick your new mirror. You can size up on the glass what is the appropriate height and go from there. On many models you can eliminate most if not all blind spots by setting the mirror at the correct height and angle. This is a trial and error process you’ll want to play around with before determining the best spot for the blind spot mirror. Apply a small amount of glue on the button. Now you want to press the button to the glass and hold for a minute. This will help the adhesive hold better. A blind spot mirror can help you see more of the road and the drivers around you. This can help you be more safe and provide you with the peace of mind on your drive.

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